Five Star Rated Reviews

Five Star Rated aims to provide our members with a top-notch company profile that includes real customer reviews. These reviews are not part of the qualification process, but they are used for marketing purposes to boost the quality of the company profile both in print and online. 

We offer three ways to gather reviews:

  1. Via email, send us four to five reviews from your customers. Please include the customer’s first name and last initial with each review. It’s important that these reviews not be published anywhere else (i.e., your company’s Facebook page, Google, or HomeAdvisor). We cannot print or display reviews that are published elsewhere.
  2. Ask your Account Manager for your custom survey link, and use that link to survey 10 to 20 of your happy customers. Ask them to provide a review that can be included with your Five Star Rated profile.
  3. Email us an Excel file containing approximately 50 recently completed jobs with homeowner contact information, and we will collect surveys on your behalf. We prefer to start with an email survey campaign and then do phone surveys if needed.  Please note that we must have the appropriate customer information for the type of survey you choose.

If we don’t receive reviews for your company before our print deadlines, we will use a selection of quotes about the Five Star Rated resources instead.

Why can’t we accept reviews published on other sites?

This is a common question, and the short answer is that to do so is a copyright violation. Once reviews are published on another site (Google, HomeAdvisor, or a social media platform like Facebook, for example), those reviews become property of that site and are under that site’s copyright. We cannot print material that is under copyright elsewhere.

Many review sites also include specific language in their privacy policy that prohibits their customers’ data from being used by other companies or on other websites. These privacy policies are typically in place to protect homeowners’ data.


Have customer data or reviews to submit? Let us know! Please reach out to our Customer Experience team via email at [email protected] or via phone at 877-902-7575