Your Five Star Rated Profile

Company Profile

Your company’s profile is the space we’ve reserved for you to tell Five Star Rated users all about your business—the services and products you offer, warranties that you honor, when your company started, how many employees you have, how many customers you have served, awards you’ve received, certifications, and any other distinctions that you’ve earned.

At Five Star Rated, we differentiate ourselves from advertising organizations by providing homeowners with only verifiable research and facts. If you include any factual claims in your profile—awards, certifications, memberships, etc.—they must be accompanied by verification before the information can be printed.

Please note that we do not print awards or distinctions from Angie’s List or TrustDALE. For more information about how company profiles are formatted and what we can and cannot print, please see our Profile Rules & Regulations.

Profile Sections

Please note that all sections of the profile are required.

Company Commentary

  • The company commentary space is reserved for you to talk about your company in your own words. We encourage you to use this opportunity to discuss your company philosophy, the way you do business, or any other feature that you believe makes your business great or sets you apart.

Products & Services Provided

  • This section should include the services your company offers that are related to the category under which your company is listed in our publication. 
  • This section may also include products and brands that your company offers or uses.

Warranties & Guarantees

  • This section is for listing any warranties you offer for your services.

Owners & Key Managers

  • This section should list no more than four owners or key managers in the company (or the local branch, if your company is a franchise location). 
  • Titles should pertain specifically to the person’s position within the company, e.g., CEO, President, Vice President, General Manager, etc.

Company Profile

  • This section is made up of three pieces of information: year established, number of employees, and homeowners served. 
    • Year established: This should reflect the year your business started.
    • Number of employees: This field should reflect the number of employees at the local business. This can be an exact number or a number with a plus sign at the end to indicate an approximate number, e.g., 40+.
    • Homeowners served: This number is always rounded to the nearest ten and includes a plus sign at the end, e.g., 3,760+.
  • These numbers should specifically apply to the specific location listed in the FSR book, if your company is a franchise location.


  • This field will contain one of two options:
    • General Liability
    • General Liability & Workers’ Compensation
  • We verify insurance yearly, and your profile will display whichever option applies to your company. 
  • Texas companies are exempt from workers’ compensation insurance.

Awards & Memberships

  • This field includes awards, memberships, certifications, and other distinctions that apply to your company. 
  • When you request an award or membership for inclusion in your profile, please provide documentation for our fact checking records.

Print vs. Web Profiles

All current Five Star Rated companies have a company listing on and a print profile that contains a selection of information from their web profile.


  • All profile sections listed above
  • License number
  • 2-3 featured reviews from recent homeowner surveys


  • All profile sections listed above
  • License number
  • Company logo
  • Top company features
  • Reviews from homeowner surveys

Updating Profile Information

As your company grows and changes, remember to keep your Five Star Rated profile up to date. If you need to update the information in your online profile, contact our Member Experience team via email at [email protected], or call us directly at (877) 902-7575.