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License and Insurance Verification

An important part of the annual qualification process is the license and insurance verification step. All Five Star Rated companies must hold a valid general liability insurance policy and workers’ compensation insurance policy (where required by law) as well as any state- or county-required trade licenses.

We verify these policies and licenses on an annual basis. Here’s what you’ll need to know during the initial qualification process and every year thereafter:

General Liability Insurance and Workers’ Comp Insurance

  • We must have a valid certificate of insurance (COI) on file at all times to keep your phone lines connected.
  • We encourage you to contact your insurance provider and ask them to add our parent company, EverCommerce, to the policy as a certificate holder. This isn’t required, but it does make your life easier by enabling us to independently and directly verify your company’s coverage each year. It also allows us to be alerted if your policy ever changes or lapses.
  • If your insurance coverage or provider changes at any point, please let us know as soon as possible.

Required Trade Licenses

  • We only print license information (license numbers, registration numbers, etc.) when they are required by the state and for the category in which you appear, e.g. we will only print electrical licenses for members in our Electricians category.
  • These licenses must be current and valid for us to keep your phone lines connected.
  • Please send us a copy of your company’s state-required trade license(s), including the actual license number(s). We will verify this information directly with the appropriate state authority.
  • If anything changes with your trade license(s) during the year, please let us know as soon as possible.

Please note: A lapse in insurance coverage or trade licensure will initiate a phone line disconnection process. We will contact your insurance agent up to 6 times and you up to 6 times via phone and email before your lines are turned off.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Account Manager.