Tips for Optimizing Your Five Star Rated Profile

Your company’s Five Star Rated profile is your best tool for attracting the high-quality, ready-to-hire leads you want. But to get those leads, your profile must be accurate and specific. 

Consider these tips as you work with the Five Star Rated production team to finalize your profile:

Be specific about products and services 

  • Be as specific as possible (space permitting) when listing the services and products your company provides.
  • If you frequently receive calls for work that you don’t do but that is somewhat related to your industry, you may want to include a note that you do not provide that service (this note would be included in the Products & Services Provided section). 
  • If you require a minimum investment for projects, that information should be included in the Products & Services Provided section. This helps prevent calls for jobs that are too small for your company. 

Include clear warranty information

  • User testing has shown that homeowners want to know a company’s warranty offerings as they compare contractors. 
  • In your company profile, include as much specific warranty information as possible. 

Include awards and memberships that matter to homeowners

  • User testing has shown that homeowners don’t pay as much attention to distinctions such as awards and memberships as they compare contractors. 
  • Try to focus on awards, distinctions, and memberships that will matter to homeowners.
    • For example, industry awards (e.g., best workplace awards) may not mean as much to a homeowner as specific technician certifications or an EPA certification. 
  • Remember that all distinctions must be accompanied by current documentation. 

Keep your profile updated 

The Five Star Rated team reaches out annually to request profile updates from members, but you can contact your member success manager or the member experience team at any time during the year to update your profile. If you request changes to your profile after the books have been assembled, the updates will be reflected online and in the next printing of the books. Email [email protected] or call (877) 902-7575 to request profile updates.