BusinessLead Tracker


CallCap is the lead tracking system we and our members use to track calls. If you need access to CallCap or would like a guided walk-through, please reach out to your account manager by emailing [email protected].

Once logged into CallCap, you will see your company’s main dashboard with all the calls received during the last 30 days. These calls are displayed on a line graph illustrating answered, not answered, and blocked calls.


Navigation tabs are located at the top: Calls, Analysis, Campaigns, Work, Manage.

By hovering over Calls and clicking on All Calls, you will be directed to a conversations screen where the default date range is that day’s calls. To change the date range, there is a drop-down menu on the top left side of your screen where you will select Apply Filters.

This is where you will now see where the calls are coming from, the date, the duration of the call, the name on the Caller ID, the phone number, and if that call was answered or missed. On the same line of each call, there is a play button at the beginning of the lead where you can listen to that lead.